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📸 Taking a picture and selecting from gallery in Flutter

Giuseppe Vetri

Hi there! I’ve been working in an App that requires to take a picture from the app or pick it from the gallery. And here’s what I learned about it. There are many ways to take a photo using the…

How Classes works in Dart

Hi! We’ve been learning about Dart for some weeks, if you’ve been following this series, you know we learned a lot of topics. In this post we’re going to talk about Classes in Dart, the Classes are one of the…

Powerful list functions in Dart that you should know

Powerful list functions in Dart that you should know In the previous post about Dart, we talked about Collections in Dart. We spoke about List, Maps, and sets. And today, we’re going to talk about some functions that are awesome…

Collections in Dart

Hello everyone, this week we’re going to talk about Collections. Collections are a crucial part of every project. As always let’s start with what are Collections. Collections are objects that groups multiple elements inside of them; a List is one…


Control flow in Dart

Control Flow Hi there!, in the last month I’ve been writing about Dart and how things work in this language. If you’re new here, you can check my other post about Dart. I’ll leave it down below. Variables Functions Parameters…

Parameters in Dart ¿What types exist?

Parameters Hi there! In the last post, we’ve been talking about variables and functions. If case you missed it, you can check our previous post here. Variables Functions We saw them previously. On the previous post about functions, we talked about parameters. We…


Functions in Dart

In this section, we’re going to talk about functions, how it works on Dart and the function types. 🤔What is a function? A function is a block of code that should be organized, perform a single task, and should be…

Variable post image logo

Variables in Dart

What are variables? In this post we’re going to learn about variables in Dart, variables are like tiny-boxes that keeps references to a value, and this tiny-box can have a name so we can identify and remember it pretty easily….

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